How to use XAMP

by MBLIFEGUIDE posted on 2019-04-04

What is XAMP?

Actually, XAMP is XAMPP and it stands for Cross-Platform (X), Apache Server (A), MariaDB (M), PHP (P) and Perl (P).

The cross-platform (X) means that it can run on any computer with any operating system ( works equally well on Windows, Linux, and MAC).

The Apache (A) is the remote HTTP Server that will process the files, images or documents requests to users/clients requested through their web browsers and will execute the PHP and Perl Codes.

The MariaDB (M) is the most famous database server that is developed by MYSQL team which is used to organize the information, manage, retrieve and update the data stored.

The PHP & Perl (P) are the interpreters for the scripts written in the PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) which is a server-side or back-end scripting language that helps you to create dynamic websites and Perl Programming Language that is used to develop web applications.

Download XAMP

XAMP is an open source free software developed by Apache Friends that acts as a local server or localhost that will be used during the website or web apps development stages and you can download XAMP easily from the Apache Friends website for free.

Why do we use XAMP?

XAMP is used by developers as it acts as a local server that will work on both desktop and laptop computers that will provide a suitable environment for testing and deployment. Local server will help developers to test the websites they create for clients before they buy a hosting service and upload it to the web server. 

Download, install and configure XAMP 

The XAMP installation is very easy and straight forward, all you have to do is to follow the below steps:


Download XAMPP from


Execute the .exe file by clicking it after it is downloaded


Select the components you want to install (MySQL, Apache, PHPMyAdmin)


Choose the folder where you need the XAMP to be located and click next to start the installation


Click the finish button and start XAMPP


Start Apache and MYSQL Components/Modules and wait until it shows green color

How to Use XAMP?

Start the modules by using the XAMP Control Panel and start running your project on the localhost. The Project should be located inside the HTDOCS folder inside the XAMP folder installed. So if you have a project named Gallery and you have an index.php file inside it, you can run this file by entering this link into your web browser: localhost:/Gallery/index.php then the application testing starts as many times as possible to find the issues and fix the bugs.

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