Frequently Asked Questions:

MB Life Guide is a website that will teach you some life hacks and tricks that will help you to save your time. In addition to that there will be a blog that will discuss many topics related to many fields that include but not limited to Web Development and latest technologies.
The web pages in our websites are fully responsive so that you can easily browse into our website using any device that you own. The information given is very valuable and selected carefully and up to date.
The major page in the meantime in the website is the blog and inside the blog you will have many blog posts that will discuss many important topics. In each blog post we will try to provide you with a lot of information that is very valuable and free.
In MB Life Guide Website all the services are for free but highly valuable. Feel free to use all the information that you will find in this website for your own good.
It will cost you nothing. All information is given to you for free.
In the mean time there are no signups for this website but we are planning to make a registration and login form that will give you additional features.